LiPoly T-top800 Ultra soft & highly thermally conductive gap filler

LiPoly T-top800 is a high deflection gap pad, with outstanding therma conductivity and low thermal resistance in form-shape. It offers excellent compression, filling small air gaps on uneven surfaces, ensuring an efficient and consistent transfer of heat.

T-top800 was designed for thermal modules with limited gap sizes and low compression force.

This product can be supplied as standard sheets or custom die-cuts.

Thermal conductivity: 8.0W/m*K

Hardness: Shore OOO/65

Thickness: customized

Density: 3.3g/cm³

Application temperature: -60 up to +150°C

UL Flammability class: V-0

Color: Purple

RoHS & REACh compliant, Made in Taiwan

Available on back-order