AZ108S-06F.R7G ESD Protection Array for high speed data interfaces

AZ108S-06F is a design which includes ESD rated clamping cell arrays to protect high speed data interfaces. The AZ108S-06F has been specifically designed to protect sensitive components which are connected to data and transmission lines from over-voltage caused by Electrostatic Discharging (ESD).

AZ108S-06F is a unique design which includes ESD rated, ultra low capacitance steering diodes and a unique design of clamping cell which is an equivalent TVS diode in a single package. During transient conditions, the steering diodes direct the transient to either the internal ESD line or ground line. The internal unique design of clamping cell prevents over-voltage on the internal ESD line and on the I/O line, which is protecting any downstream components.

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ESD protect for 6 high-speed I/O channels

For low operating voltage of 1.5V and below

Ultra low capacitance: 0.35pF typical

Fast turn-on and low clamping voltage

Operating temperature: -55° to +85°C


RoHS & REACh compliant, Made in Taiwan

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